Doughnate Sundays

Supporting the causes we care about, one doughnation at a time.

Doughnate Sunday is a virtual baking class that raises funds to support organizations that are taking action and making positive social and systemic change.

Like many of you, this year has impacted us in ways that we couldn’t have expected. While there has been so much loss, grief, pain, and sadness. There have also been incredible moments of hope, community, and humanity. We’ve seen people come together to raise their voices and stand up for what they believe in, reach out to help those in need, and bravely face the biggest challenges that our generation is facing – all with the hope that we can have a better tomorrow.

Being inspired by these people, we spent many nights reflecting on how we can support and fight for the changes we want to see in this world, and as a bonus, do it through our mutual love of baking.

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